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"The Golden Team" book

Ref: KZ20578


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A book "The Golden Team" is commemorating 90th anniversary of the football club Dynamo (Kyiv). The collective of authors has created a unique edition, which tells about 13 champion seasons of Kyivans during the period from 1961 to 1990 in details. The book's collection includes unique illustrations, provided by the events participants, and their comments, extracts from the capital newspapers of that times, some facts unknown till now, as well as a dossier at each football player, having become the country's champion in the dynamo T-shirt. 436 glossy pages are including details describing outstanding periods of the Club's history, exclusive materials, diluted with unique historical shots. The text's authors: Oleg Vostriakov, Yuriy Korzachenko, Constantin Patkevich.

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